26 February 2019

According to recent guidance from the Department of Transport, visitors with an EU or EEA driving licence will not need an international driving permit (IDP) to drive in the UK. As of the 29th March 2019, and in the event of a no-deal Brexit, current rules for EU and European Economic Area (EEA) licence holders who are visiting or living in Britain will not dramatically change.

06 February 2019

With over 5,000 speed camera in the UK, even the most cautious of drivers can find themselves in a situation where they are prosecuted. Where several speed cameras are deployed on the same road or motorway, the most obvious example being that of average speed cameras, drivers can run the risk of being caught speeding more than once on the same journey.

12 December 2018

Being in a road traffic accident can be an extremely scary and stressful experience, however, if you are planning on making a claim, it is imperative that you act quickly. Whether it’s a small bump or a bad crash, you must be proactive with what you do next. Claims often have expiry dates, and important details can be lost or forgotten over time.

12 December 2018

On the run-up to the festive season, Police Scotland launched their annual drink-driving campaign in Edinburgh this Thursday. The Minister for Community Safety, Ash Denham, Lord Advocate, James Wolffe QC, and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams were advising of the risks of drink-driving and how best to plan ahead this Christmas.

03 December 2018

As the holiday approaches we would like to take this opportunity to inform valued clients and potential new customers of our Christmas opening hours - we will be closed from 25th of December and open on January 3rd.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy new year, when it comes from all of us here at Scullion Law.

07 September 2018

The M74 is a speeding ticket hotspot, with many drivers facing fines and even driving bans as a result. We are seeing more and more drivers caught speeding in excess of 100mph on the M74. Most drivers aren’t aware that if you have been charged with allegedly driving at this speed, it’s not simply points you are looking at! Your licence could be in danger.

Parking fine
23 August 2018

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving a parking fine you don’t deserve. Earlier this year, Trading Standards in Scotland discovered that a third of penalty charges issued by private car park operators are unenforceable as they violate consumer protection legislation. Drivers in Scotland need clear information about parking offences, fines and how to appeal unfair penalties. If you think you may have been unfairly fined, read on to find out what you can do.

27 July 2018

Nearly half a million people in Glasgow and Edinburgh have received fines for illegally travelling in bus lanes in the last three years. With many drivers believing they’ve been unfairly fined, we’ve put together this guide on how you can appeal a fine you’ve received for driving in a bus lane.

20 June 2018

If you are facing driving charges – even if you are guilty, you have more options than you think. The expert Road Traffic Lawyers at Scullion LAW can help to save your licence. Do not risk losing it all just give us a call. We are able to help with a wide range of driving offences, just check our web for details and read our reviews on google and facebook. Call 0141 413 9406 today.

20 May 2018

Police Scotland are reported to be considering the introduction of a system where drivers stopped for speeding could  receive a written warning rather than a fine and points on their license, reports The Herald.

13 March 2018

Under road traffic law, the police have a general power to stop any vehicle routinely or if they suspect a road traffic offence has been committed. Failure to stop at the earliest opportunity is an offence in the UK.

23 February 2018

It goes without saying that drink driving is a criminal offence. In Scotland, we have the most stringent drink driving limits in the UK. However, a  which is perhaps given less attention by drivers and the media is that of drug driving.