02 September 2017

Have you been accused of a Road Traffic Offence but intend to plead not guilty? Our guide below sets out how the process works if you enter a plea of not guilty in a Road Traffic case.

11 July 2017

What are the differences, both in terms of manner of driving, and consequences for drivers when facing a charge of either dangerous or Careless Driving

20 December 2016

We were recently one of the first people to advise when the average speed cameras on the M8 and M73/74 junctions was going live, and our post generated a huge response from our friends and clients, many of our whom use the road for their daily commute both too and from work.

20 October 2016

Warning - the following clip contains some words which are a bit naughty... (make sure you watch to the end!)

31 July 2015

An impatient 89 year old, in a rush to get to Church, has been charged by the police with Careless driving for taking to the grass verge in a busy local park where children were playing.

12 July 2015

As of 2nd March 2015 drug driving offences will be detected by police and prosecuted by the procurator Fiscal in a similar fashion to alcohol related of offences with the introduction of new drug detection technology and the introduction of a prescribed limit which if exceeded could result in an automatic disqualification form driving.