Bus Lane Fines

27 July 2018

Nearly half a million people in Glasgow and Edinburgh have received fines for illegally travelling in bus lanes in the last three years. With many drivers believing they’ve been unfairly fined, we’ve put together this guide on how you can appeal a fine you’ve received for driving in a bus lane.

The bus lane fine and appeal process

Bus lane notices

If you’re suspected of travelling in a bus lane illegally, you will receive a bus lane notice (also known as a charge notice). This notice informs you that you must pay a fine within 28 days, with some authorities offering a reduced charge if you pay within 14 days.

How to appeal a bus fine

If you think you’ve been fined unfairly, you have the right to appeal to your local authority. There is usually a time limit of 28 days, so it’s important to act quickly. The charge notice will provide you with details of how to appeal, as well as any time limits that apply.

There are a number of grounds that drivers may want to appeal a charge on, including:

  • They weren’t the owner of the vehicle at the time it was driven illegally in the bus lane
  • There were no restrictions in effect when the vehicle was driven in the bus lane
  • The vehicle was being driven without the owner’s consent at the time it was illegally in the bus lane

If you believe these grounds, or any others, apply to your case, then contact us immediately for advice on the merits of your case and how to create a strong appeal.

What happens after I’ve appealed?

The local authority will consider your appeal and either accept or reject it. The bus lane notice will be cancelled if the appeal is accepted. If it is rejected, the council will request that you pay the fine.

If your initial appeal is rejected, you have 28 days to contest the council’s decision. In this case, you must appeal again, but this time to the Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal for Scotland. The address to lodge these appeals is:

Parking and Bus Lane Tribunal for Scotland
10 Waterloo Place
Tel: 0131 221 0409
Fax: 0131 229 7189

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