Should cyclists be regulated too?

24 October 2017

Warning - the following clip contains some words which are a bit naughty... (make sure you watch to the end!)

On the way to work the other day, I was stuck in rush hour traffic. It was jam packed heading towards the express way, with cars weaving and darting in and out of their lanes and tussling to make their way through the gridlock. I too was in the process of trying to manoeuvre myself into the outside lane when I heard an almighty commotion!

I looked ahead and saw a cyclist with a camera strapped to his head, whom earlier had screamed up through the middle of the traffic, had stopped to challenge a motorist who had tried to move lanes and had nearly collided with him. And I felt somewhat annoyed because it seemed as if this cyclist felt he had some sort of privilege, or right of way over other roads users. Annoyed that despite his willingness to undertake the queuing traffic and commit an offence which would have earned him 3 penalty points had done so in car, he felt compelled to vent his frustration towards the driver, using choice words and repeatedly pointing to the camera on his head as if it vindicated him from any wrongdoing. Because he had her “number plate on camera” and would “report her”, came the shouts…

And it made me think- should cyclists not be held to the same accounts as other road users? Motorists must have insurance, they have to hold a licence to drive on the roads, and they must pay road tax. And yet cyclists, who occupy the same roads as motorists and are equally capable of causing accidents, seem to operate with impunity and zero accountability - How many times have you seen a cyclist jump up a queue of traffic and jump the lights ahead?

I understand the reasons for cyclists wearing these cameras on their heads, but at the same time I believe that it’s time to put in place some form of legislation to regulate cyclists on the road. If cyclists wish to cycle on the public highway, then they must be held accountable and to a higher standard than that which they currently are, otherwise I fear there will be an increasing number of these ‘Nazi’ cyclists, happy to administer their own form of roadside justice, all the while hiding behind their hi-vis vest and ‘go-pro’ camera.