Police Scotland to Consider Warnings for Speeding Offences

20 May 2018

Police Scotland are reported to be considering the introduction of a system where drivers stopped for speeding could  receive a written warning rather than a fine and points on their license, reports The Herald.

The system would apparently apply to drivers detected breaking the speed limit in 20 mph and 30mph areas and only to those stopped by police officers, not those picked up by speed cameras. If drivers are not caught speeding again for three months, the warning could be removed from their record and there would be no requirement for insurance companies to be notified.

Police Scotland is also said to be looking into the possibility of offering speeding drivers the option of attending a speed awareness course as an alternative to penalty points. A similar scheme is already in existence in England and Wales and has apparently reduced reoffending.

New research has found that Scottish drivers have the worst track record for speeding, spending an average of 7.6% of their driving time over the limit. Drivers in the South East and Wales came next, at 7.5% and 6.1% respectively, reports the Scotsman.

The research by driver telematics company smartdriverclub also revealed that when it comes to age, drivers between 41 and 60 spent the most time above the speed limit (8.7%), followed by those aged 65+ (6.5%) and those aged 17-25 (6.2%). Looking at vehicle types, Audi drivers are apparently the worst offenders.

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