Prepare your Car for Winter

22 December 2017

Despite the freezing conditions and icy roads we experience every winter, we Scots seem to stumble into the winter weather unprepared year after year. According to Police Scotland, the cause of most accidents is inappropriate driving for the conditions, and this is particularly common during the winter months.

To avoid collisions, delays, getting stranded or even facing charges for your driving standard or the state of your vehicle, there are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your car for winter and help you, your family and other road users stay safe.


This may seem obvious but it’s surprising how many tyres aren’t roadworthy. If your tyres don’t meet the minimum tread depth, they’re not safe. Even if no accident is caused, you could face penalties resulting in three points endorsed on your licence and a fine of up to £2,500. Most garages perform free tyre checks, so pop in and make sure you’re safe.


Have you ever tried to drive in the snow with broken windscreen wipers or a dirty windscreen? It’s terrifying as well as dangerous. Make sure your windscreen wipers are in good working order and you have screen wash, not just water, in your windscreen washers. Water alone can freeze when the temperature dips. Get any cracks and chips repaired – most insurance policies include windscreen cover.

Brakes and lights

With the shorter days in winter, it’s very important that your lights are in good condition. Check and clean them regularly, and keep them on in all weather conditions to ensure you can be seen.

The cold weather can put a strain on your car battery, making it hard to start. If it’s taking you a few attempts to get your vehicle to start, ask a car mechanic to take a look.

At this time of year, Police Scotland is particularly vigilant when it comes to poorly maintained vehicles. If you have any issue, even intermittent, with any part of your car, it’s important to get it checked. Your car could be dangerous to you and others, and you could end up with points on your licence, a driving ban, a Road Traffic conviction or a fine.

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