Useful Information for New Drivers…

24 October 2017

Most people will know by now that if a new driver accumulates 6 points within 2 years of passing their test, their licence will be revoked.

What most however do not realise is that this does not mean the person is banned- but merely that they will need to apply and pay for a new provisional licence, and then pass both theory and practical parts of the driving or riding test again in order to get a full licence. It should therefore be regarded as distinct to a “Totting Up” disqualification, whereby a driver is automatically banned for minimum of 6 months for accumulating 12 points within a 3 years period.

Another important distinction between a ‘New driver’ revocation and a ‘Totting Up’ ban is that a new driver cannot apply to the court for an Exceptional Hardship Proof to avoid revocation at 6 points. In effect, the “I need my car” argument lacks no weight with the court for new drivers.

So when a young driver comes to us facing 6 points, their first question is therefore how long it will be before they can get their licence back. The answer is quite simple- the length of time it will take in order for a new driver to get their licence will vary depending on the waiting list at their local test center, and also whether or not they pass their theory and practical test again! Straight forward you may think…

We were surprised then recently to read an article in the Daily Record regarding the pass rates for young drivers, and how test centres have targets for the numbers of young drivers they can pass (see below).

Whether or not such an article can be relied upon we cannot say- but should you or any other young driver you know be looking at 6 points, then it is important you call us first for some advice. It may well be that there is a way to avoid having your licence revoked in the first place!