Rise in Drink Driving Offences over the Summer Months

20 June 2018

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Prevention and detection of drink driving is a priority for the police all year round, but at certain times of the year this focus can intensify. They often crack down with a zero tolerance campaign to keep our roads safe during summer months and we fully support them with this initiative. However if you find yourself ‘unintentionally drink driving’ for whatever reason, we can help you.

The Christmas and New Year period is well known to be a peak time for drink drivers, but the summer months can also see an increase in similar offences, with the warmer weather and lighter nights tempting more drivers to take part in social activities involving alcohol. Sometimes you can find yourself ‘unintentionally drink driving’ the morning after a big night out, even squeaky clean Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher found herself in this situation last year. It is reported that she rarely drinks and had even taken a taxi home from the night out in question, before going to collect her car the following morning which she used to collect her kids. Unintentional Drink Driving the morning after is a hot topic even now and more common than you might expect, especially during the summer.

Drivers in Scotland run a higher risk of being caught for drink driving because of the lower drink drive limit in operation. In December 2014 the legal limit was lowered to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood in Scotland, while in England and Wales the limit remains at 80mg of alcohol. This means that just one alcoholic drink could be enough to put a driver over the limit in Scotland.

The penalties for being found guilty of drink driving are severe and can have life-changing consequences. They include:

  • A minimum 12-month driving ban
  • A possible fine of up to £5,000
  • A risk of being imprisoned for up to six months
  • An increased risk of losing your vehicle

Figures from Police Scotland show a rise in the number of drivers caught drink driving over the summer months in both 2016 and 2017. In the three month period June – August 2016, 1,628 drivers were caught drink driving, compared to 1,500 the previous three months (March – May 2016) and 1,361 the following three months (September – November 2016). In 2017 there was a similar pattern, with 1,484 drivers caught over the summer months, compared to 1,424 in Spring and 1,466 in Autumn. If you find yourself in this situation don’t panic – just give Scullion LAW a call.

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