M73/74 average speed camera update!

24 October 2017

We were recently one of the first people to advise when the average speed cameras on the M8 and M73/74 junctions was going live, and our post generated a huge response from our friends and clients, many of our whom use the road for their daily commute both too and from work.


The £500m M8 M73 M74 Motorway Improvements Project represents a significant investment in Scotland’s trunk roads, aiming to tackle congestion problems on the A8/M8, M73, M74 and at key junctions including Raith (M74) and Shawhead (A725/A8). We know all too well how busy the Raith interchange gets at peak hours!

When the cameras were introduced, Graeme Reid, of the Scottish Government’s Transport Scotland agency, said: “The installation of safety cameras is a tried and tested mechanism that improves safety for both road users and the workforce during what will be an extremely busy period in terms of construction… Not only do the cameras create a safer environment, they can also help improve the flow of traffic.”

So with the average speed cameras having been in place for little over a month now, we are interested to see what the overall reaction to them has been…? Do you feel that they have improved safety or improved the flow of traffic?

With people driving slower it would certainly seem like there have been far fewer accidents, which also aids to the flow of traffic. But with the schools not being back yet it is difficult to predict whether or not in fact the average speed cameras will affect traffic flow come term time. The one thing we are however quite sure on is that they have improved safety, not only for the workmen but also for the road users- aka- YOU!! Obviously this is our own initial perceptions of the camera’s, and at this stage we don’t have any hard facts to affirm this, but we would be interested to hear whether or not you feel the cameras have been a success.

The one thing we would comment on however is the fact that for such a large scale operation, and for a road that covers so many commuters, there has been little information given to the public in terms of how the speed restrictions apply, how the cameras operate etc. We have received an increasing number of calls looking for advice on how the cameras work etc.

As always, if you need further advice please do not hesitate to contact us.