What you Need to Know About Drug Driving

23 February 2018

It goes without saying that drink driving is a criminal offence. In Scotland, we have the most stringent drink driving limits in the UK. However, a  which is perhaps given less attention by drivers and the media is that of drug driving.

It is already an offence to attempt to drive, drive or be in charge of a vehicle while under the influence of drink and/or drugs in Scotland. Such offences can carry significant penalties including substantial monetary penalties, up to 11 points, a driving ban and, in the most serious cases, a prison sentence. 

With a recent survey reported in The Scotsman highlighting an increase in deaths involving drug driving since the lowering of the alcohol limit, and the law in Scotland changing to introduce drug driving limits in 2019, the impetus from law enforcers in prosecuting such behaviour is likely to be ramped up in the coming months.

The new law due to be introduced will also include new roadside testing technology to be in line with England and Wales.

If you are stopped by the police and are suspected of driving while under the influence of drugs, you may be subject to a roadside impairment test and may be charged.

Whatever your circumstances, however, you may have a defence.

If you have a genuine reason for taking prescription drugs including opiates, painkillers or anti-depressants and are unsure of the law, or have been charged with being under the influence of any drug while driving, contact our approachable Road Traffic Solicitors who can advise you on staying safe on the roads, as well as provide the best defence possible to you in the face of prosecution. 

Our award-winning team represents clients charged with driving while under the influence of drugs in Scottish courts every day.

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