Speeding offences are among the most common charges road users face in Scotland today. DON’T PANIC! We are here to help you!

Road Traffic Scotland states that speeding is a factor in almost all accidents reported even if it may not be the cause, so it is inevitable that significant attention is paid by the police in attempting to prevent it.

If you have been charged with speeding or have been issued with a fixed penalty for speeding which you contest, we recommend that you seek expert legal advice from a speeding offences specialist without delay. It may mean the difference between conviction and acquittal.

Despite what many believe, speeding cases can be readily challenged and our expert team of Speeding Offences Lawyers prove this on an almost weekly basis in courts all over Scotland.

What does a Speeding Case Mean for you?

Speeding cases involve arguably the most complex and technical evidence of all Road Traffic Offences. An expert knowledge of the law and a thorough understanding of the various speed detection devices used by road policing officers are essential as well exceptional court advocacy skills and attention to detail.

Speeding is a specific offence under section 89 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 which provides that a person who drives a motor vehicle on a road at a speed exceeding a limit imposed shall be guilty of an offence.

Road Traffic police officers can detect a vehicle’s speed through the use of a variety of devices that they have at their disposal including the Unipar SL700, VASCAR, the Prolaser or a calibrated speedometer to name but a few. Each of these devices work in very different ways and so whether it be a laser device, a radar device or a static camera an expert understanding as to how these devices work and how they are calibrated and tested for accuracy is critical to successfully challenging these cases.

Speeding Offence Solicitors Glasgow & Hamilton

Our specialist Speeding Offences Team have this expertise and where we feel that it will benefit your case we will employ former road policing officers to provide their expert opinion and have them give evidence in court to strengthen your case.

The penalties for speeding in Scotland include:

  • Disqualification from driving
  • A monetary penalty
  • 3-6 penalty points

If convicted and your points are endorsed on your licence, it may be the case that your licence is still at risk. The imposition of a reasonable number of penalty points can lead to a Totting Up disqualification of six months if there are active penalty points on your driving licence. It is therefore imperative that you seek early legal advice before you accept a fixed penalty or tender any plea in court.

The law relating to a disqualification through the Totting Up of points on your licence may allow you to avoid disqualification but involves a specific legal process where a special court hearing is appointed for this purpose. Seeking early advice and representation from our Speeding Offences Team at Scullion LAW Road Traffic Experts will give you the best chance of success.

Our expert team are not only highly knowledgeable in this area but are skilled in providing innovative solutions to your legal issue and approach each case with the energy and enthusiasm required to ensure our clients receive the most robust defence available. We know that every client and every set of circumstances are unique and you can trust that the advice you receive from our award winning Speeding Offence Lawyers is tailored to you and your particular predicament.

With offices in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, we cover many of Scotland’s speeding hotspots including the A725, M74 and the M8. This, of course, means that our highly accomplished team of expert Road Traffic Solicitors deal with an incredible amount of Speeding cases and as a result of our fantastic success rate have developed a reputation as one of Scotland’s best specialist Road Traffic LAW Firms when it comes to speeding offences.

When your licence, your job and your reputation are at stake, you need specialist Road Traffic Lawyers that get results, so DON’T PANIC! Contact us now to discuss your case. #keepingyoudriving.

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