The Totting Up procedure requires a court to impose a minimum period of disqualification of your driving licence if you accumulate 12 penalty points on your licence within a three-year period.

There is a possibility that you could avoid such a ban but you will require expert legal advice prior to attending court. DON’T PANIC! Even when you are guilty you have more options than you think.

If you have a number of points on your licence and you have been charged and cited to attend court on another Road Traffic matter, we strongly advise that you seek immediate expert advice from our highly experienced solicitors in our Road Traffic Defence Team. Our Totting Up Lawyers are specialists in saving your licence when it is at risk due to the Totting Up procedure.

If, at the time of conviction, your licence is endorsed with a number of points which will take you up to or over the maximum allowance of 12 points, the Totting Up procedure will automatically come into play and you will be disqualified immediately on top of the penalty for the particular offence for which you are in court. For example, this means that getting three points for a speeding offence, even if it is your first Road Traffic conviction in over two years, will mean you cannot drive home from court on the day and you will need to reapply for your licence from the DVLA after six months.

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Our highly experienced Totting Up Defence Lawyers will make submissions to the court on your behalf and can request a further court hearing called an exceptional hardship proof. Your disqualification will then be postponed to the date of the next hearing and you will be allowed to keep your licence in the meantime. This option is not available in all cases and our knowledgeable Totting Up Solicitors will advise you if you are eligible to argue exceptional hardship in your particular circumstances.

An exception hardship proof is a hearing where evidence is presented to the court that there are mitigating circumstances amounting to an exceptional level of hardship, which you will experience if the court were to impose a period of disqualification. The court has the option not to proceed to disqualify you from driving if it deems that exceptional hardship has been proved at the end of the hearing.

There are certain legal rules which govern exceptional hardship and our expert team of Totting Up Lawyers will advise you throughout the entire process of the legal tests which have to be met in order to succeed as well as any information about you which may be required to present to the court.

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It is worth noting that the test is not an easy one to meet which is why it is of extreme importance that you contact our expert Road Traffic Defence Team at the earliest opportunity when you are aware your licence may be in danger or you are facing endorsements on your licence at all. It could mean the difference between conviction and acquittal in the first instance and avoiding the threat of Totting Up completely.

At Scullion LAW, we know that every client and every set of circumstances is unique. We work hard to make sure you receive clear, uncomplicated legal advice you can trust in an open and friendly environment at all times. We also make sure your legal fees are no obstacle and are fair, reasonable, transparent and agreed in advance. We want you to focus on the matter in hand and trust us to fight your corner.

Our highly accomplished, award winning team of expert Road Traffic Solicitors have honed their skills representing clients who are at risk of disqualification due to the Totting Up procedure in every Scottish court over many years. We will represent you with confidence, experience and expertise. The growth of our Road Traffic team is testament to our solid track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients. When your licence, your livelihood and your future are at stake, you cannot settle for second best, you need specialist Road Traffic Defence Lawyers that get results, so DON’T PANIC! Contact us now to discuss your case. #keepingyoudriving.

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If you have a real risk of being disqualified from driving due to the Totting Up rules, DON’T PANIC! Choosing the right solicitor could save your driving licence, so do not take any risks, take control and contact us now. We cover all areas of Scotland including Glasgow, Hamilton, Lanark, Lanarkshire, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, Inverness, Bearsden, Bothwell, Uddingston, Stirling, Milngavie & Dumfries.

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